1.5KW Grid tied system


Photovoltaic (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting sunshine into electricity. Due to the huge international demand for these system's the cost has finally come down to such a level that it is not only making sense from an environmental point of view, but also financially. ITS uses only the best quality polycrystalline PV panels with a linear output guarantee of 25 years. ITS specialize's in domestic and commercial systems. Our offices are powered with our products.

PV panels produce DC (direct current) power. Therefore, a device called an inverter is needed to convert the power from the PV panels to 230V ac (alternating current) power used by most home appliances.

Grid-tie systems directly connect to your incoming Eskom power line and do not require batteries. This makes these systems very affordable and guarantees a quick return on investment. Since the system works together with Eskom, Eskom can supply the short peak demands and therefore a much smaller system is required.

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