Why Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating

Modern solar heating systems can keep swimming pools warm, heat your home’s water and heat your home’s interior space. Their popularity is increasing for several reasons. Solar heating systems are cost saving, reliable, adaptable, and pollution-free because they use renewable energy from the sun. Modern systems include sleek, attractive, low-relief collectors that blends in with the look of the modern house. Did you know that modern solar heating systems work well even in winter?

A solar heating system is a rewarding investment. It can cover a high percentage of your monthly heating bill, ensure hot water during power failures and increase your property value. When you purchase a solar heating system you are making a conscious, responsible decision to help reduce harmful emissions from fossil fuels, while maintaining your quality of life.

What maintenance does solar thermal systems require?

Modern solar systems are designed to be maintenance free but due to poor water quality in some areas and dust cleaning is needed. ITS recommends an annual checkup of the system to ensure that your system is providing you with the biggest possible saving. During this checkup the collector surface can then also be cleaned and de-scaling can be done.

How much will your solar heating system help the environment?

On average for every 1kWh of energy produced by a coal power station, 0.966kg of carbon dioxide is produced. Now, a good quality solar system with 4m2 of solar collector area will on average generate 8kWh of thermal energy per day. Therefore, you will personally be responsible for saving our environment of another 2900 kg of carbon dioxide per year. Carbon dioxide traps heat in our atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect, which alters our planet’s climate and ecological systems. Using solar energy in place of nonrenewable fuels may also reduce nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxides, which are components of smog.